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Bourbon vanilla refers to vanilla produced from the species Vanilla planifolia which is processed according to the so-called Bourbon curing or processing method which had its origin in the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, La Réunion…). The results are vanilla beans that are soft and fleshy, the colour of dark chocolate. Bourbon vanilla beans have a rich, creamy, sweet, smooth and intensive flavour

Vanilla Gourmet

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Gourmet Vanilla Beans (Black vanilla)

  • Highest Quality gourmet Bourbon vanilla beans for culinary use
  • Finest vanilla flavor, length > 14cm, unsplit, fleshy
  • Vanillin content min 1.8%, moisture 28-32%

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Gourmet Vanilla beans (Vanilla TK, black-brown)

  • Top Quality Bourbon vanilla beans for culinary use
  • Vanillin content min 1.8%, moisture 26-30%

Vanilla for Industrial Applications

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Vanilla Beans EU

  • High grade, called Vanilla beans Europe type for the manufacture of oleoresins and extracts
  • Length > 13cm, split and unsplit
  • Vanillin content min 1.8%
  • Moisture 20-24%

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Vanilla Beans US

  • Mid and High-grade vanilla, for oleoresins and extracts
  • Chocolate flavor, length > 13cm,split and unsplit
  • Vanillin content min 1.4%(mid-grade) and min 1.8% (high-grade)
  • Moisture 14-22%

Other Vanilla Products

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Vanilla Cuts

  • Cost effective natural vanilla for oleoresins and extracts
  • Various length 13cm, split and unsplit, not bundled
  • Vanillin content min 1.0%, moisture 14 - 16 %

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Vanilla Chips

  • High grade vanilla cut in small chips
  • Vanillin content min 1.8%
  • Moisture 18-24%

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Vanilla Powder

  • Vanillin content min 1.0%,
  • Moisture 10-14%
  • Particle size 300-500 µm

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